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We're BACK with another episode of WOULD YOU RATHER... this time with UCLA commit Amari Bailey!!
Larry had to pull up in person to ask these questions and tbh these are TOUGH to answer. Like... Amari is down to lose his eyebrows... couldn't be me.
Hopefully y'all can get to know Amari a little better by the end of the vid tho! Because we already know who he is ON THE COURT...
Let us know what questions and athletes y'all wanna see on here next!!
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  • Avery Martin
    Avery Martin6 hari yang lalu

    We just not gonna sit here and act like the dude in the back doesn’t have a big hole in his sock 😂 😭

  • Riley Kidd
    Riley Kidd29 hari yang lalu

    Nigga already got money😂😂

  • Kunsang Tsering
    Kunsang TseringBulan Yang lalu

    How yall don't know that He is high asf rn that's why he got glasses on lol

  • Ashton Earls
    Ashton EarlsBulan Yang lalu

    Jordan better

  • Marquavious Davis
    Marquavious DavisBulan Yang lalu

    Them boys are faded

  • GMoney
    GMoneyBulan Yang lalu

    Dude was faded 😭😭

  • TGN Keelan
    TGN KeelanBulan Yang lalu

    Jesus loves you and died for you

  • TGN Keelan
    TGN KeelanBulan Yang lalu

    At 8:36 look a bro sock in the back

  • jordannx3


    Bulan Yang lalu

    I thought i was tha only one to see it 😂😂😂

  • ilyJonjon
    ilyJonjonBulan Yang lalu

    definitely high during this vid😂

  • Spazz


    Bulan Yang lalu

    That’s what I was thinking

  • N K
    N KBulan Yang lalu

    I taking the shampoo over toothpaste. Just wear a mask and chew gum

  • Extreme Ed
    Extreme EdBulan Yang lalu

    Who else here after CREW LEAGUE???

  • anne __
    anne __Bulan Yang lalu

    1:57 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Decon Botts
    Decon BottsBulan Yang lalu


  • Bean
    BeanBulan Yang lalu

    Poor, poor Yuta

  • I’mRllyHeem #2
    I’mRllyHeem #2Bulan Yang lalu

    That hoodie is hard asf

  • Jayden Kuhon
    Jayden KuhonBulan Yang lalu

    When was this filmed?

  • ikona


    Bulan Yang lalu

    Menace to society pfp

  • K O
    K OBulan Yang lalu

    Bro’s socks got a hole 😂

  • Tijia King Johnson 0415
    Tijia King Johnson 0415Bulan Yang lalu

    Amari look high bro 😭😭

  • K1 Alfred

    K1 Alfred

    Bulan Yang lalu


  • TopFlightShaun
    TopFlightShaunBulan Yang lalu

    My guy in da middle look like he had a whole in his sock mane 😂😂🤫

  • TopFlightShaun


    Bulan Yang lalu

    @Stephen David 😂😂

  • Stephen David

    Stephen David

    Bulan Yang lalu

    I was scanning the comments for this one! like nobody saw that when they were recording? Overtime sponsor that boy! give him some merch!! how you gonna have him next to Amari with holes in his socks?! #CmonSon

  • Shea Dawson
    Shea DawsonBulan Yang lalu

    This kid is way ahead of his time 🙏🏾🙌🏾

  • 999 4ever
    999 4everBulan Yang lalu

    This dude was killing it in the crew league

  • babysmoovefan
    babysmoovefanBulan Yang lalu


  • Jay Freeman
    Jay FreemanBulan Yang lalu

    Good video but he crazy for picking lebum over Jordan smfh

  • Chriss 1k
    Chriss 1kBulan Yang lalu

    Lebron does make everyone better dude is not human!

  • Chris Barclay
    Chris BarclayBulan Yang lalu


  • Zae YT
    Zae YTBulan Yang lalu


  • whatchamacalit_
    whatchamacalit_Bulan Yang lalu

    i’ve been waiting for this one TURN IT UP 😌🤌🏾

  • Dominic Marcantelli
    Dominic MarcantelliBulan Yang lalu

    Amari, Chicago legend, future Bruin. 💙💛💛💙

  • Padley Prod.
    Padley Prod.Bulan Yang lalu

    Like this, before this, mans is in the NBA.

  • Eden Hinchey
    Eden HincheyBulan Yang lalu

    Dunk like Zion

  • Little Horchata
    Little HorchataBulan Yang lalu


  • Anderson Skarstad

    Anderson Skarstad

    Bulan Yang lalu


  • Ben Wheeler
    Ben WheelerBulan Yang lalu

    Yesssir we already know it’s about to get lit

  • YFBsergio
    YFBsergioBulan Yang lalu


  • YUNG Prada
    YUNG PradaBulan Yang lalu


  • Lex Stone
    Lex StoneBulan Yang lalu

    Also, I would play with Jordan

  • Curtis Dial
    Curtis DialBulan Yang lalu

    Overtime is to 🔥

  • Isaiah Thomas
    Isaiah ThomasBulan Yang lalu

    Noti gang

  • DarionDaHooper
    DarionDaHooperBulan Yang lalu


  • Skykiller R
    Skykiller RBulan Yang lalu

    10th day of asking for a PIN

  • SSH FeRas

    SSH FeRas

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Hell no

  • IanTooSaucy
    IanTooSaucyBulan Yang lalu

    Yessir 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Isaiah Thomas
    Isaiah ThomasBulan Yang lalu


  • Alexander Perez
    Alexander PerezBulan Yang lalu


  • Claxon
    ClaxonBulan Yang lalu


  • Lex Stone
    Lex StoneBulan Yang lalu

    Hey overtime

  • Papo 1stPlace
    Papo 1stPlaceBulan Yang lalu

    First comment

  • Tony 17
    Tony 17Bulan Yang lalu

    Upload hello newmans

  • W4Y
    W4YBulan Yang lalu


  • Norman Jefferies
    Norman JefferiesBulan Yang lalu


  • markell yates
    markell yatesBulan Yang lalu