What Do NBA Stars Really Think of LaMelo Ball?! Why The Youngest Ball Bro Plays W/ Insane Confidence


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On this week's ep of Subject 2 Change, Jordan McCabe, Overtime Tom and Overtime Osh discuss their favorite topic -- LAMELO BALL! They discussed his historically good stats, his crazy confidence, whether other NBA players like him, and way more. Of course we dropped in some of his best highlights too!
Watch this segment and drop a comment saying what you think about LaMelo! All love from OT
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  • datchica
    datchica7 hari yang lalu

    7:16 is when they get to the subject matter

    KING ICECUS23 hari yang lalu

    7:24 well that’s cap

  • Mr. 4ut
    Mr. 4ut24 hari yang lalu


  • 11thWoods
    11thWoods25 hari yang lalu

    I feel... go head.. LOL

  • Walter Robinson
    Walter Robinson25 hari yang lalu

    Buddy Hield lil boyed Lamelos teammate 1st. Lamelo just responded back to have his teammates back.

  • Joshua Jean-Baptiste
    Joshua Jean-Baptiste25 hari yang lalu

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  • ThisIsTheEndPt2
    ThisIsTheEndPt225 hari yang lalu

    Stop comparing him to Jordan and penny. They are all different players. Melo is exciting like Mike but they are completely different kinds of exciting

  • Melson Ponce
    Melson Ponce25 hari yang lalu

    Wtf are you guys even saying? And where do you get your facts from?

  • Sandro Shippuden
    Sandro Shippuden25 hari yang lalu


  • Nay Zz
    Nay Zz25 hari yang lalu

    Why are you eating while doing a interview

  • Niall John
    Niall John25 hari yang lalu

    Man I wanna see tyreke back lakers c’mon

  • Realsinceday1
    Realsinceday125 hari yang lalu

    Ppl always bring up that mike Conley situation but what they don’t realize is the reason Lamelo did that is because the play before Royce O’Neal scored a layup on somebody on Charlotte and did the same thing so the next play down Lamelo did the same thing to Conley it wasnt just like a random act of taunting

  • Xile Lazer
    Xile Lazer25 hari yang lalu

    i miss the old melo😖

  • Kareem Grant
    Kareem Grant25 hari yang lalu

    Mls is so shit

  • JayDaDon
    JayDaDon25 hari yang lalu

    it’s about time i catch up to the videos😩

  • MC Duncan
    MC Duncan25 hari yang lalu

    Now they sayin lamelo is gonna be better than magic, MJ, and penny hardaway. SMH

  • Jordanne Shirley

    Jordanne Shirley

    25 hari yang lalu

    He has the talent but talent isn't enough needs that mj mentally

  • Thando Tshabalala

    Thando Tshabalala

    25 hari yang lalu

    He could, why you gudda suppress and downplay someone's success... He only 19, save your comment for 20 years from now.

  • Martin Quijada

    Martin Quijada

    25 hari yang lalu

    Could be. Kid is just starting, pretty damn good

  • ajd 3
    ajd 325 hari yang lalu

    i clicked on the video and i heard one of the most retarded comments ever 😂 right away like what

  • Byrøn Andujar
    Byrøn Andujar25 hari yang lalu

    Jordan mcabe actually sucks at west virginia

  • High Duck
    High Duck25 hari yang lalu

    lamelo do move like a soccer player. his rythm moving side to side seems like hes setting up for a goal

  • Virginia Glenn
    Virginia Glenn25 hari yang lalu

    0:40 vot.ind.in

  • eric weaver
    eric weaver25 hari yang lalu

    why are you eating ..

  • Colby Schneider
    Colby Schneider25 hari yang lalu

    I swear this is a facetime like the ones with my friends. One person always eating

  • Kuhic Gerry
    Kuhic Gerry25 hari yang lalu

    0:35 bed.immo

  • Brendan
    Brendan25 hari yang lalu

    you aren’t the biggest melo fan every😤😤

  • Caleb Rodolfo
    Caleb Rodolfo25 hari yang lalu

    0:39 bed.immo

  • Huel White
    Huel White25 hari yang lalu

    0:42 bed.ind.in

  • Nigel Bond
    Nigel Bond25 hari yang lalu

    This is so bad. lol

    LOU LOU VLOGS25 hari yang lalu

    He been confident since chinos hills.....

    LOU LOU VLOGS25 hari yang lalu

    Melo is use to it. He grew up playing with older brothers an older people

  • Scotty Hamz
    Scotty Hamz25 hari yang lalu

    Dub-V baby! McCabe final four bound!

  • Christian Gomillion
    Christian Gomillion25 hari yang lalu


  • Jacob Payne

    Jacob Payne

    25 hari yang lalu

    Shooooo sheeeee

    JT CALI25 hari yang lalu

    Curry would of shadowed Melo. Hornets are a gift. Destined to be great. Lavar raised Melo to be the best baller

  • Jordanne Shirley

    Jordanne Shirley

    25 hari yang lalu


  • Taku Chioko

    Taku Chioko

    25 hari yang lalu

    Word !!

  • Eli Scott 0
    Eli Scott 025 hari yang lalu

    Main YT Lamelo

  • panda gamer yt
    panda gamer yt25 hari yang lalu

    You love to see Overtime post about the NBA🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • John Gallagher
    John Gallagher25 hari yang lalu

    0:12 vor.black

  • Stefan The Best
    Stefan The Best25 hari yang lalu

    LaMelo averaging 15.7 tho

  • Sokilic Yt
    Sokilic Yt25 hari yang lalu


  • Erby
    Erby25 hari yang lalu

    tom trippin lmao

  • Cristiano Pabla
    Cristiano Pabla25 hari yang lalu

    MLS TRASH , it’s not soccer it’s football

  • Altenwerth Welch
    Altenwerth Welch25 hari yang lalu

    0:40 von.in.net

  • Austin Lee Saenz
    Austin Lee Saenz25 hari yang lalu

    That man in ot sweater hater

  • Help me reach 23k with 0 videos
    Help me reach 23k with 0 videos25 hari yang lalu

    I pray anyone that sees this is successful in life

  • Jaymanvi


    6 hari yang lalu

    Thx u too

  • Mr. 4ut

    Mr. 4ut

    24 hari yang lalu


  • Gastone Moschin

    Gastone Moschin

    25 hari yang lalu

    just those that see ur comment? does that make sense

  • Jordan paul

    Jordan paul

    25 hari yang lalu


  • Ben Drewry

    Ben Drewry

    25 hari yang lalu

    You too for making this great comment! 👍

  • Hannah Washington
    Hannah Washington25 hari yang lalu

    0:13 dat.ind.in

  • Ant_bin_goated Yt
    Ant_bin_goated Yt25 hari yang lalu

    Who think lamelo taking over?

  • Jaxon Elgie
    Jaxon Elgie25 hari yang lalu

    Why is it only showing him in highschool bro we wanna se nba

  • Mason Mottashed
    Mason Mottashed25 hari yang lalu

    Bro he ain’t even averaging 20 tho?

  • Marcelo Silva

    Marcelo Silva

    13 hari yang lalu

    As a starter, yes

  • Jordanne Shirley

    Jordanne Shirley

    25 hari yang lalu


  • Ba Doai

    Ba Doai

    25 hari yang lalu


  • aimDiors


    25 hari yang lalu

    Since he started starting

  • Huncho


    25 hari yang lalu

    He’s averaging like 19 5 and 5 since starting I last I checked

  • Sherron Woodberry
    Sherron Woodberry25 hari yang lalu

    Main yt lamelo

  • Ba Doai

    Ba Doai

    25 hari yang lalu


  • Drunk Angel
    Drunk Angel25 hari yang lalu

    It's crazy how tanlted he is bro he's not even 21 yet like bro that's crazy

  • Bronny James

    Bronny James

    25 hari yang lalu


  • l Jeffery l
    l Jeffery l25 hari yang lalu

    Lamelo is having a good rookie season but u cant compare that to lebron or can u ?

  • Tayasir Ahmed
    Tayasir Ahmed25 hari yang lalu

    Mane i just seen y’all say rookie lamelo better than rookie leBron I’m stop watching y’all smh

  • Dylan harthorn
    Dylan harthorn25 hari yang lalu

    I’ve worked out with him and my brother beat him in corn hole and the trainer went to his house until the draft

  • Jalen Bynum

    Jalen Bynum

    25 hari yang lalu

    Yea bro

  • TuMadreWay89
    TuMadreWay8925 hari yang lalu

    People just love to hate cause they can’t stop his greatness

  • 24 Rando
    24 Rando25 hari yang lalu


  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan25 hari yang lalu

    Lebron please don’t take lamelos comments about you personal 😌

  • LaMelo Ball

    LaMelo Ball

    24 hari yang lalu

    @Bronny James ohh, its personal

  • Bronny James

    Bronny James

    25 hari yang lalu

    I’ll tell him not to

  • Tyrone Lee
    Tyrone Lee25 hari yang lalu

    Melo gonna be rookie of the year no doubt bout it 🔥💥🧊

  • Anthony Mccall
    Anthony Mccall25 hari yang lalu


  • SxcredSZN
    SxcredSZN25 hari yang lalu

    Why did I get a notification for YT melo main

  • Ba Doai

    Ba Doai

    25 hari yang lalu


  • Randomname4#3608 *_*

    Randomname4#3608 *_*

    25 hari yang lalu

    Same i think it was telling them what channel it should go to

  • Day Jay

    Day Jay

    25 hari yang lalu


  • Anthony Mccall
    Anthony Mccall25 hari yang lalu


  • 275 UTF
    275 UTF25 hari yang lalu

    y’all eat lamelos ball

  • 275 UTF

    275 UTF

    25 hari yang lalu


  • King JadenYT
    King JadenYT25 hari yang lalu

    Hi OT

  • 10Kloaded 10Kloaded
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  • jack
    jack25 hari yang lalu

    How tf you got notifications on but you still dislike the vid as soon as it’s posted🤦🏼‍♂️

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    MiLo SHXWN25 hari yang lalu

    main YT lamelo lol

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    Edrιcĸ хv25 hari yang lalu

    " Main YT LaMelo "

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    Yo why did it say main lamelo ball

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    Turo Hoopz25 hari yang lalu

    Love da vids keep dat sh*t up overtime

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    Aiden Spurrier202825 hari yang lalu

    Be ready I’m coming for the NBA

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    Etc Jr

    25 hari yang lalu

    i believe in you

  • Etc Jr

    Etc Jr

    25 hari yang lalu


  • Cash Nasty
    Cash Nasty25 hari yang lalu

    melo a goat

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    STaN ThE MAN25 hari yang lalu


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    Jeremiah Renchen25 hari yang lalu

    Main YT lamelo

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    CertifxedDee25 hari yang lalu

    Who else got the noti and it said “Main melo yt”

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    Kwame25 hari yang lalu

    Main YT Lamelo

  • Old Zeqzi
    Old Zeqzi25 hari yang lalu

    Melo ball 1 youngest

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    hey lol

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    Finally yessirr🔥🔥

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    This lit

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    Do y’all like comments ?

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    Main YT lamelo

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    Not breathing till OT likes this

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    -kxng has died-

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    main yt lamelo

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