"I'm Built For This!" Mikey Williams Gets DISRESPECTED & Then GOES OFF! Plays 1st Game At NEW SCHOOL


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Mikey Williams' first practice and game at his new school got heated!!!!
Before Lake Norman's matchup against the Burlington School, Burlington's star player, Jamarii Thomas, said that his team just needed to hone in on Trey Green and "the other dude." Mikey heard about it and that fired him up!
If that wasn't enough, the atmosphere in the gym was CRAZY. Shoutout Phenom Hoops for putting on a dope event, I'm dropping a link to their IDtitle down below, make sure to sub.
Anyways, Jamarii Thomas can talk, but he can hoop too. He's a D1 commit and won't back down from ANYONE. Watch this episode and see what happened!
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    Number 2 is lime julian new man lol smh

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    Mikey it’s ok haters gonna hate

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    Why does LNC’s jersey just look like San Ysidro updated editionn 😂

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    Mikeys bustinggg

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    Bruh Dey got bol bol on their team🤣💀

  • IBall Like A Girl
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    around 7:53 you can tell what mikey is thinking he’s like *you screwed up kid*

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    Number 1 is talenteddd

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    Mikey doesn’t seem very happy on his new team he seem sad you could just see it in his face😔

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    The other dude ???? Lmao don’t try the best point guard in high school like that

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    take em to school Mikey! everybody rebound!! yessssss!

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    Mikey you are from Daygo.... born and raised.... knock it off with the southern accent 🤣🤣🤣

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    Niggggga nice

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    Bring back the dreads Mikey Williams

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    I hate seeing Mikey Williams lose

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    I love the fact that he said "The other dude" while the"Other dude"IS BETTER THAN HIM😂😂

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    Why miley transfer from san diego

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    Why do they never win the tip off🤣😂

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    He will be in the nba no doubt in my mind also he is the best basketball player in the class of 2023

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    why does mikey and his brother sound like they have flu

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    It amazes me how deep mikeys voice is sound like a 30 yr old in a 16 fr old body

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    Mikey is a beast that boy goin places

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    Mikey shorts when they were practicing were so low 😂😂😂

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    Little guy at 8:06 just wants some playing time lol 😂

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    bro mikey dont look happy

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    When does mikey get called out

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    Ik Mikey be missing those old jerseys😭😭

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    that is not popping off, mikey you suck

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    The dude in the thumbnail really look like he could be duke dennis lil bro shit look just like him

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    who was the guy talking that called Mikey the other dude 🤣

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    LET'S GOOOO🏆🏀❤

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    @3:41 thought he said "I dont give a fuck" lmfao

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    "that dude tho right?"

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    so this guy transfers states and schools so he can spread covid. nice

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    Bro I swear if I get one one kd ad I swear I’m gonna I’m gonna break my monitor I swear

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    I feel like Mikey does not care tbh

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    Those shorts and shoes Mikey was wearing in practice got me dead that a 2000s fit 😂 all love though

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    Not OT using the crunchyroll ad music😂

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    yo that’s that famous tiktoker 😹😹. the tall darkskin

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    The out fits are drippy but them thangs cost too much

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    This man is litterally the best i've ever seen to play the game 🏅🏅

    YNOTR3NOBulan Yang lalu

    Imagine disrespecting smb better than you totaly hate

    BRADY VETTERBulan Yang lalu

    i love how they make it sound like they are blowing them out in the first but there only down 4

  • alida flus

    alida flus

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    Bet you wasn't the first person to get a kobe tattoo.

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    jamarii got disrespectful 😭

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    I have neeen waiting

  • GTM Tony
    GTM TonyBulan Yang lalu

    "The other dude" HAH love that shit mayne.. people don't realize that's a motivator in itself. He did nothing but help Mikey

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    Buddy sounds like he don’t wanna be in the video

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    All these high schoolers just 7 foot now

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    Why is it that since mikey isn't important to this guy he's being disrespected? He's not that big of a deal.

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    Mikey go back to San ysidro

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    He drop 40 wtf

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    this lil media thirsty boy. who brags ab being the first one to get a kobe tattoo.... AFTER he died tho...

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    The out fits are drippy but them thangs cost too much

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    that’s me at the end blue and gold Jersey yessir💕🎸

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    Am I trippin or is that the tall dude on titkok

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    Open your mouth when you talk Mikey....you not talking to your mother...we can't understand you boi!

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    Let"s go he my friend in school

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    Bet you wasn't the first person to get a kobe tattoo.

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    He said “that other guy” because to everybody he just the other guy 😂😂

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    My school beat his team

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    Rutul TarambaleBulan Yang lalu

    And mike took it personally

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    Abdoulaye SallBulan Yang lalu

    why does overtime make it seem like mikeys team is down 13 but they really be down by 1 point 😂

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    This man Mikey has a zen LMAOOO

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    All these high schoolers just 7 foot now

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    Fans be so annoying these days chill they were only down four 😑

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    am i the only one who didn't understand a word he said

  • JBoogie With Da Hoodie
    JBoogie With Da HoodieBulan Yang lalu

    Mikey is good but no way that they are the best backcourt in the country

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    He’s low key a fraud he swear he got it out the mud but isn’t even allowed to get enough money to buy a corvette

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    5:41 個人用

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    Anyone notice Mikey is packingggggggg🥴

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    He sounds like common

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    I can barely hear when mikey is talking lmao why he sounds like a drank 2 pints of lean

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