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  • Rocket Lime
    Rocket Lime10 jam yang lalu

    His sister would surely be accepted to wnba, since wnba requires no skill

  • Guy Boome
    Guy Boome10 jam yang lalu

    at what point will they just give up on this kid lol

  • Justin Eicher
    Justin Eicher10 jam yang lalu

    Hello Newman's is like the knockoff of the Balls Family. He trying do exactly what the balls were doing thinking he gonna get as big. But the Newman's aren't even close. Julian might be able to shoot but hes offense and defense is weak. He always tries doing the same shit on offense by trying to dribble the ball real fast thinking he's cool but whole time it just makes him look stupid cause he does nothing with the ball, he mostly ends up having to shoot anyways

  • Frosteee
    Frosteee11 jam yang lalu

    Why did the jenga have two blocks facing the same direction?

  • Mini CR7
    Mini CR711 jam yang lalu

    I’ve played in Spain for the Barcelona Academy. I’ve been to Italy to do a huge tournament for my team, my team came 1st out of 36 other clubs and academics. My position is striker mainly because I have the speed, skills and a great shot.

  • Neighton Bell
    Neighton Bell11 jam yang lalu

    Thanks Julian. Tell her shut up and play

  • Armin Arlert
    Armin Arlert12 jam yang lalu

    The Backboards are rounded compared to the normal square backnaord

  • Robert G
    Robert G12 jam yang lalu

    Doubtful he owned any GameStop at all...

  • Y M
    Y M12 jam yang lalu

    Hope you make it to the league Julian

  • _ SkywalkaOoog
    _ SkywalkaOoog13 jam yang lalu

    Julian be looking stoned... and jaden is fucking smoking...

  • Lydia Vilums
    Lydia Vilums13 jam yang lalu

    Jesus loves you repent Hes coming back so so soon

  • Doggy Style
    Doggy Style13 jam yang lalu

    Hey, if the Kardashians can make it, this family can too.

  • Brent margita
    Brent margita13 jam yang lalu

    How do you report a song my ears are bleeding

    THE MAN13 jam yang lalu

    wtf is he even saying

  • anton Ivler
    anton Ivler13 jam yang lalu

    Julian's dad looks like beetlejuice

  • Guy Ranu
    Guy Ranu14 jam yang lalu

    Jurian: brings ball to half court Mikey: jUrION sHOOt iT!

  • ballsdeepinyabitch
    ballsdeepinyabitch14 jam yang lalu

    His dad knows nothing about coaching. I've never seen him use x's and o's and show he knows the game of basketball.

  • Dxrk ReVerse
    Dxrk ReVerse14 jam yang lalu

    JD Davidson and Mikey would shut down the dunk contest

  • The Beard13
    The Beard1315 jam yang lalu

    wtf is he saying?

  • Jason Zamora
    Jason Zamora15 jam yang lalu

    Best comedy show on yt

  • Tremayne Dixon
    Tremayne Dixon15 jam yang lalu

    Emoni is has the best mix of size n skill i ever seen in a high player and i played against lebron in high school. I think he may be the best ever high school player

    YOUR MADDD6916 jam yang lalu

    Julian mad disrespectful to his pops

  • DaRkLeGeND 999
    DaRkLeGeND 99916 jam yang lalu

    It felt like a song 0:57

  • charlotte macomb
    charlotte macomb16 jam yang lalu


  • BallerRod TV
    BallerRod TV16 jam yang lalu

    This Athletic schism runs in the family mom and dad were doing sum great as well 💪🏿

  • jolou roma
    jolou roma16 jam yang lalu

    When is he actually going overseas like ive heard that sentence for a decade now like damn just go alreadyyy

  • ShawnSoToxic
    ShawnSoToxic16 jam yang lalu


  • Hayan Imadi
    Hayan Imadi16 jam yang lalu

    Bruh nobody wearing a mask

  • Kha'lil Smith
    Kha'lil Smith16 jam yang lalu

    this show should be called the lil people

  • Lj Sherman
    Lj Sherman16 jam yang lalu

    Jaden need a whooping

  • Filler40
    Filler4016 jam yang lalu

    bro this is so sad sheck wes literally became pro before Julian can even ever play at college

  • LeClutch
    LeClutch17 jam yang lalu

    Man Jenga Stupid😂😂😂😂

  • 02 Hesii
    02 Hesii17 jam yang lalu

    Jaden Newman is so disrespectful

  • Cycle
    Cycle17 jam yang lalu


  • Owen Tjon
    Owen Tjon17 jam yang lalu

    Oh boy, they're about to be even more of spoiled brats now

  • KMD Teva
    KMD Teva17 jam yang lalu

    This is the first time I heard the moms name in this whole show

  • ULTR4 h4z4rd
    ULTR4 h4z4rd17 jam yang lalu

    Do you know kai sotto??

  • Vixa
    Vixa18 jam yang lalu

    Dude got bounce respect

  • Tbfit
    Tbfit18 jam yang lalu

    Sounds like he smokes 12 packs a day

  • Tbfit
    Tbfit18 jam yang lalu

    This dude needs to be in class reading so he can learn how to articulate his words

  • Hariss 99
    Hariss 9918 jam yang lalu

    If he had another arm it wouldn’t be fair!

  • leonardo reyes
    leonardo reyes18 jam yang lalu

    julain kinda ass tbh like ik i’m not one to talk but lámelo better and mikey

    YOBREFFSTANK18 jam yang lalu

    16:53 The Intensity is epic

  • Ian milam
    Ian milam18 jam yang lalu

    I saw fight and I’m like ooohhh I want to see Me after I watch video: I WANTED TO SEE A FIGHTTTTTT

  • Lukas Romine
    Lukas Romine18 jam yang lalu

    That was at my school

  • Ian milam
    Ian milam18 jam yang lalu

    Me and maybe 3 other players we have better ball handle then this person and we’re all in 7th grader, this dude definitely has better shooting then me but the other ppl I’m talking about who is my friend I think, they definitely have the exact same shooting as this person maybe same idk

  • Dan Moreta
    Dan Moreta18 jam yang lalu

    Me: I want the Ball Family. Mom: We have the Ball Family at home. Ball Family at home:

  • Asier L. Mediko
    Asier L. Mediko19 jam yang lalu

    Does anyone understand him when he talks?!

  • Ernest H
    Ernest H19 jam yang lalu

    Julian might have a shot to the g league or to a college in the middle of no where the day he leaves his family behind. 🤔

  • Olivier Eid
    Olivier Eid19 jam yang lalu

    Mikey can’t articulate for shit man😂😂

  • pez qt
    pez qt19 jam yang lalu

    U can hate Julian but u can’t say he doesn’t work hard

  • OMG 2Clean
    OMG 2Clean19 jam yang lalu

    He’s not the best I was better than him when I was in 4th grade and I’m better than him now

  • james_ 2xLITB
    james_ 2xLITB19 jam yang lalu


  • HBK_arman24
    HBK_arman2419 jam yang lalu

    Imagine if he had 2

  • Rob I.S.
    Rob I.S.19 jam yang lalu

    Just an observation, is Jaden bigger than Julian?

  • j1v4m
    j1v4m19 jam yang lalu

    This song just talks about her IG

  • Damon Evans
    Damon Evans19 jam yang lalu

    Jaden one lil cute dumbass female...

  • j1v4m
    j1v4m19 jam yang lalu

    Omg thank you so much you just saved my grandpa from his seizure when i played this song and he went to turn it off.

  • Philly Duo
    Philly Duo19 jam yang lalu

    Julian shoots like an elementary school kid. Just throwing his whole body into his jump shot.

  • Beatman 100
    Beatman 10020 jam yang lalu

    He gonna get drag overseas

  • Ty Playz
    Ty Playz20 jam yang lalu

    Do you do school

  • Ty Playz
    Ty Playz20 jam yang lalu

    I play soccer and I am kinda like you

  • Aj Atttinger
    Aj Atttinger20 jam yang lalu

    Don’t say gods name in vain

  • TjGoCrxzy
    TjGoCrxzy20 jam yang lalu

    dog water

  • Kenny Washington
    Kenny Washington20 jam yang lalu

    He sounds muffled!!

  • Brad K
    Brad K21 jam yang lalu

    Don't think the side hoop was legit!

  • BluBlock Ent
    BluBlock Ent21 jam yang lalu

    Okay so I'm ask it since no one will. How he put on his shooting sleeve?

  • Royal Russell
    Royal Russell21 jam yang lalu

    Surprise they never show Julian playing defense

  • Eoin.
    Eoin.21 jam yang lalu

    im not trying to hate bruh pros only train 5 to 6 hours and does he go to school?

  • Oh No No
    Oh No No21 jam yang lalu

    2:47 bruh what was he expecting to happen?

  • Je’kai Farmer
    Je’kai Farmer21 jam yang lalu

    I only watch for Jaden 😂💯

  • Jason
    Jason22 jam yang lalu

    Imagine payin $80 for a hs game

  • chief'n 420 smoke1 for the nation
    chief'n 420 smoke1 for the nation22 jam yang lalu

    These foos suck

  • Mohamed Turay
    Mohamed Turay22 jam yang lalu

    How u build Jenna wrong

  • Hec Grajales
    Hec Grajales22 jam yang lalu

    This kid incredibly amazing he can dribble too better than most

  • Yinzer
    Yinzer22 jam yang lalu

    Julian playing 5 hours at LA fitness might be time to get a real job